Streamlined Home Improvement Loans for VETs

Streamlined Home Improvement Loans for VETs

Texas Veterans Land Board (“VLB”) announces streamlined home improvement loan process. If you are an eligible veteran, click HERE for more details.

The Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) Home Improvement Loan process has been streamlined. In an effort to make the lives of Texas veterans seeking home improvement loans less complicated, the VLB has introduced some changes to make the home improvement application process more expeditious and less stressful.

Previously, all loan application documents were signed in person and then had to be faxed, mailed or emailed by veterans to the VLB. The VLB is now using electronic signatures for most documents, which has significantly reduced the need for communications between veterans and the VLB. 

The VLB also reduced the amount of documents that veterans must complete during the initial loan application process. The new loan application, which can be found online, consists of two simple forms that a veteran customer must submit to the VLB. Using these initial two forms, the VLB generates the remainder of the loan application documents, thus requiring less duplication of effort for veterans. The only responsibility for veterans seeking home improvement loans are electronic signatures on remaining documents.

-Courtesy of http://www.texasveteransblog.com/

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