Lisa Sisemore – Realtor ®, CRS®

Lisa Siesmore I have been in the Austin area for 40 years, having benefited from the travel involved with being a military dependent.  I enjoy the beauty that lies within the Hill Country and that’s why I moved to the North Shore.   I have been a Realtor for 13 years serving the needs of those in and around the Austin area. I believe in honesty, integrity, honor and work to keep those morals prominent in my business dealings.  Whether helping a buyer, a seller, preparing a tax protest, or just answering general real estate questions, my enjoyment is from helping others.
I look forward to working with you:

Email: lsisemore@att.net
Tel: 512 797-8901




Lisa Sisemore is my realtor who helped me to get my dream home three years ago and she has been being my realtor for all these years. During all these years, I have her attention and support, and advises, and friendly emails. She is not only a great professional whom I was lucky to meet and use her services, she is my friend through all these years. Do you know a lot of business people like that? I do not. Most of them do their business with you and disappear from your life. Not Lisa. It looks like it is her professional style – to become a friend with her clients. She likes people, likes working with people helping them with all her professional knowledge and kind heart.

When Lisa had been helping me to find my place to buy and had been walking me though the home buying processes, I got surprised every day that she knew everything. She had answers to all my questions, concerns, and panic doubts. She has a talent to feel the client and the house if they really suit each other. She showed me several places and I liked all of them (it happens), we discussed pluses and minuses of those places and kept visiting others. When I entered the place where I am now, I did not say anything and did not do anything, just was looking around but Lisa turned to me and said: “You like it, don’t you?” That is how I am where I am now and love it every day. Every Christmas I send Lisa my card with these words, I love my home and my home loves me. I hope she does not mind to hear them from me every year J If you are looking for a realtor, call Lisa, you will not regret!