Open House….what should I do to prepare?

Open House….what should I do to prepare?

Repairs have been made, realtor selected, lockbox on door, sign in the yard and time for an Open House.  What should you do to prepare?

Preparing your home for an Open House is like getting ready for Prom, first impressions are lasting impressions.

You want there to be curb appeal, mow the yard, trim the bushes/trees, put your garbage cans away, rake the leaves up, place some flowering plants in view and around the front door.  Can you imagine arriving to pick up your date and here they come in their cutoffs and t-shirt?

Now lets move inside… clean thoroughly and that means more than just dusting and vacuuming.  You need to clean your windows, take the screens off (buyers need to be able to see clearly).  Put things away, no clutter and NO PILES, you want the buyers to see the home not you.  If you have a pet keep all evidence out of view and use vanilla plugins to kill the scent.  Even if you can’t detect it, others can.  Not only do you want to look good, you have to smell good too.

before and after

Special touches like candles, soft music, fresh cookies and  bottles of water (especially if it is summer)are always a crowd pleaser.  Those extra touches are noticed!

Having a successful Open House has as much to do with your efforts as those of your realtor.

Blog Author: Lisa Sisemore

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