Livin’ it up in Lago!

Livin’ it up in Lago!


Think of all that the Lago Area has to offer!  The lakes are still beautiful albeit they are low.  The lifestyle is so relaxed and yet there is plenty to keep one busy-the choice is yours!

Hiking, biking, boating, wine tours, bird sanctuaries, wildlife. Stores, restaurants, need I say more?  But wait! Look at the stats below if you need more convincing!

The numbers below are from the Austin Board of Realtors, using actual sales for the past 3 months.  Where can you get more for your hard earned dollar?  In Lago Vista, of course!

Best overall value, and all the amenities come with!


Sale price LV

After looking at these figures, one realizes how good we have it out here on the north shore of Lake Travis!!

If you’re looking to buy, do it soon!  I bet more and more buyers will find our secret very soon!!



Search Criteria APRIL 2014 to JUNE 2014

Property Sub Type is ‘House’

Results calculated from 3,430 listings



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