Get Inspired with International Garden Design

Get Inspired with International Garden Design

International Garden



Garden Ideas from Around the Globe

Beautiful garden inspiration can come from all parts of the world. From the neat and pristine gardens of France to the peaceful meditation gardens of Japan, there are many design styles to help you create a pleasing outdoor space that suits you best. Here are some ideas from gardens around the world to help you get inspired this spring:

Traditional English — Romantic and dreamy are words often used to describe classic English gardens. They typically feature abundant sweeping flowers, such as climbing roses, meandering pathways and sculpted shrubs. Recreate the look with lots of climbing greenery and bright pops of color.

Formal French — Indulge your inner neat freak with the clean lines of a formal French garden. Think order, symmetry and geometric shapes. Design your own French-inspired garden by arranging sculpted trees in straight lines, adding a small fountain with a round or rectangular pool, or creating a mini courtyard with neatly trimmed boxwood hedges.

Japanese Zen — Serene Japanese gardens often feature water, rocks, sand and gravel, which represent spiritual or philosophical ideas. They’re characteristically minimalist, asymmetric and elegant. Plant a symbolic cherry blossom tree as the main focal point, or create your own tranquil setting with a stone pathway, bamboo fence, backyard waterfall or even a koi pond.

Fragrant Tuscan — Delight your sense of smell with a fragrant Tuscan style garden. Traditional Tuscan gardens often include aromatic herbs such as lavender, sage, rosemary or flowering thyme. Ornamental grasses add soft texture while low-maintenance, native plants do just fine in the hot summer sun.

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