Does it really matter?  Do I really have to Paint?

Does it really matter? Do I really have to Paint?

What is the most popular, all time best selling, ice cream flavor???

YES, it’s VANILLA!  With vanilla, everyone can add the toppings they prefer, and everyone is happy!

Think of your house like that, if it’s easier for you.  You may love pastel pink, sunshine yellow, soft peach, and baby blue, BUT all potential buyers see is a color they object to, and work they have to do either before they move in or at sometime after. This means less than top dollar for you, the seller, and a longer time on the market. Always put your self in the buyer’s shoes!  Imagine walking into a home that’s light, and bright, shiny clean, with a neutral palate of fresh paint to begin your new life.  Move in ready!

Yes, painting is a bit of work, and it does cost a little money, but a good, fresh coat of paint in a light neutral color is quite refreshing to walk into, and will make a difference in the final sales price and length of time on the market!

It is the best investment, with the most return for your time and money.

Remember, make it VANILLA, and let your buyer pick their favorite toppings!

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