Clutter Busters Tips from Professional Organizers

Clutter Busters Tips from Professional Organizers

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Organizing Tips for Your Home

Spring may be a popular season for cleaning, but fall is a great time to get your home organized, especially if you have students who are starting school. Clutter creates chaos. Once an area gets messy and disorganized, it becomes the de facto dumping ground for everything else. Here are a few clutter busters to keep the chaos under control.

Start With the Hot Spots — Clear flat surfaces that tend to accumulate piles on a daily basis. If you find yourself tempted to leave items in those areas, replace the clutter with artful decorations to remind yourself that it’s no longer a dumping zone.

Designate a Space for Everything — Find a home for everything in each and every room of your house, including the garage. If it doesn’t fit, consider it a sign that you need to go through and purge the items you no longer use.

Arrange by Frequency of Use — Keep regularly used items near the front or at eye level in closets, drawers and pantry spaces. Store the stuff you rarely use high up or in the back.

Compartmentalize to Avoid Clutter — Use drawer dividers and storage containers to group like items together. Each compartment serves as a placeholder when items are in use, which prevents the space from being overtaken by random clutter.

Zip and Store Small Things — To keep clutter under control, group small items by category and store them in resealable plastic bags inside a larger storage container or drawer.

Swap out the Extra Stuff — Rotate clothing, toys and accessories by season so you aren’t tripping over winter boots when you’re looking for flip-flops and vice versa. This strategy also works for taming the toy room.

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