8 Tools to Organize Your Life in 2015

8 Tools to Organize Your Life in 2015

Here is a great article by Teresa Mears about getting organized for 2015!

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Keep better track of your schedule, pay bills on time and don’t forget another password.


With the new year approaching, we’re all thinking about resolutions for 2015. While losing weight andgetting your finances in order are two popular choices, one resolution many of us make year after year is to get organized, once and for all.

The truth is, no one ever gets organized once and for all; it’s a process, and one all of us have to refine frequently. Still, the beginning of a new year is a good time to look at the tools you use to organize your life and see if there are ways you can make things better.

“A lot of people start the new year as a goal-setting time,” says Audrey Cupo, a professional organizer and owner of A Better Space in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. “What I’ve found is that paper and time organization are common struggles.”

Instead of creating a paperless world, computers have added more things we need to organize. But they provide new tools for organizing everything from your to-do list to your photographs. But getting your digital life in order can take as much or more time as finding places for all your physical belongings. And you still need to organize your paper.

The best tools for organizing vary by person. An online grocery list may work great for some families, while others would find it a burden and work better with paper. Part of getting organized requires experimenting with tools to identify the ones that work best for you.

“There’s many aspects to getting and staying organized,” Cupo says. “The first step is to eliminate the clutter, then organize what’s left.”

That clutter can be paper on your kitchen counter, clothes thrown over a chair or random files on your computer. Start by discarding things you don’t need, whether they’re old email messages or clothes that no longer fit.

Here are eight tools to help organize your life in 2015.

Place to put everything.

Calendar or agenda.

Offline storage tools.


Online bill pay.

To-do lists.

Filing system.

Password book or manager.

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