5 Areas to Tackle to Make Your Home Office Perfect

5 Areas to Tackle to Make Your Home Office Perfect

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Creating a Useful Home Office

Working from home has serious benefits. You can’t beat the commute or the flexibility you have when it comes to structuring your day. But there are also drawbacks. Creating a makeshift office at the kitchen table could mean important documents end up with a coffee ring or worse, go missing.

Whether you work full-time from home or just need an occasional workspace, thoughtful room design can make all the difference. From task lighting to functional storage, here are a few pointers for setting up a home office:

Lighting — Ensure you have both general and task lighting to prevent eyestrain. Ideally, office lighting should illuminate documents without adding glare to your computer screen.

Ergonomics — Arrange your desk, chair and the computer screen so you’re sitting in a neutral position while typing. Avoid any positions that require twisting or leaning forward, as both put a strain on your back.

Cable Management — Keep control of cables with color-coded ties and clips. Don’t forget to include a charging station for all of your electronic devices.

Aesthetics — Consider the view from your office window. If you don’t have the luxury of overlooking a beautiful outdoor space, add decorative touches indoors to create an office you’ll love to spend time in.

Storage — Integrate functional storage into your office space, especially if other members of the family will also be using the room. If space is at a premium, go vertical, adding storage boxes and file holders to bookshelves.

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