4 Helpful House Hunting Apps & Tools

4 Helpful House Hunting Apps & Tools

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Tools that Make Your House Hunting Easier

Was it the first house that had the spectacular backyard or was it the third? Did the house on the quiet cul-de-sac have the separate media room or was that the one on the busier road?

It’s easy to lose track of details when you are seeing dozens of houses, especially when you start to lose count during a busy house-hunting day or weekend. Thankfully, there are many apps to help you on your search for a new home.

Co Everywhere – First, select a neighborhood or area you’re interested in. Then this app will track public social media updates from networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You’ll also see reviews on Yelp and other services so you can get a glimpse of what life is really like in a neighborhood you’re considering.

Mortgage Calculator by Quicken – One of your biggest considerations in a home search is price. This app lets you choose from four easy-to-use calculators to figure out potential payments based on home price, down payment and interest rate.

House Hunter – Track and compare listings with the House Hunter app. It automatically scores each listing based on your wish list to help you narrow your search. It also lets you take notes, snap photos and give each home a score so you don’t forget any details after a viewing.

Great Schools – Great Schools is not an app; instead, it’s a helpful mobile site. It’s useful for families looking for the right schools for their children, and it also helps buyers who are interested in potentially higher resale values due to highly ranked schools.

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