4 Must-Dos Before Showing Your Home

Proper home staging could mean a quick sale and higher selling price if done right. It’s more than just tidying up and cleaning every room. Here are four ways you can leave a positive impression on potential buyers. Eliminate Clutter — Clear the clutter from around your home. It’s easy to overlook things you...

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Should I Still Hold My Open House In The Rain?

It should be the responsibility of the listing agent to see that muddy feet don’t ruin nice carpeting or leave puddles on wood floors that might damage them. Also, when a home is shown – either by an individual showing or an open house, we want the prospective buyer to feel welcome, warm and happy when they enter the...

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Did you know that each time you mow your grass you are creating a success or failure scenario?  Mow correctly and you’ll have a healthy lawn, strong enough to crowd out weeds and drought tolerant.  Mow incorrectly and you will be staring at a lawn in stress. Never cut too short (scalping).  This will leave your lawn...

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