Mortgage Loans from Relatives

Occasionally, when dealing with close relatives who might also become heirs, signing a note and handling the paperwork properly may seem like a needless effort but it could mean the difference in being able to take a legitimate interest deduction. Home mortgage interest is deductible only if the loan is a secured debt...

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3 Expenses other than the mortgage you need to be able to afford

This is a great article that every first time home owner should read.  Even veteran home owners might need a quick refresher! 3 expenses other than the mortgage you need to be able to afford Author: Ward Lowe Your loan terms greatly affect how much you can spend on a house, but the mortgage isn’t the only cost you need to...

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You’re finally thinking about taking the plunge to Home Ownership!

You’ve been looking online, and found the things you like and don’t like, and what you “must have” in your first home.  You’re ready to go buy!   No!   First, the very first thing, check with a Realtor!  They will guide you through the process, letting you know what to expect, and when to expect...

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